A weekend at the FOSDEM 2017

Last weekend (the 4th & 5th) the open source software conference FOSDEM took place in Brussels. A big thanks goes to the Université Libre de Bruxelles and all the sponsors for hosting this great event.

I hadn’t been at the FOSDEM nor in Brussels before and got there just in time for the opening ceremony. My morning was spent in the Mozilla Dev Room listing to what motivates the community to contribute to free and open software and why you should run Firefox Nightly.

Lots of projects had booths or talks to present current efforts. One of my favourites was the instant messaging protocol XMPP. Helpers at the booth handed out flyers on how to set up your own server.

The sightseeing tours were also great. These got offered for partners who got dragged to this very technical conference. Make sure to sign up early as the availability is limited.

People interested in some of the talks can watch them online. All talks got recorded.